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Why Support RP?
Our plan is simple: we create the best station we possibly can, refrain from contaminating it with advertising, and then ask you to pay us what you think it's worth.

Here at RP we're not just non-commercial. We're anti-commercial. We feel that quality radio programming and advertising just cannot co-exist.

We also choose to refrain from forcibly extracting money from you by charging subscription fees. We leave it up to you to decide what our service is worth to you.

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Your voluntary support enables us to devote all of our time and energy to making RP the best station possible — and pays for the bandwidth, equipment and services required to keep the station online, as well as the rather substantial royalties we pay to artists & songwriters.

The amount of your contribution is up to you — based on your opinion of how much you enjoy RP & what you can afford. A number of listeners have adopted the "one hour's wages per month" formula.

Some can afford to send considerably more than that (thanks!), others can afford only $5 per month, or occasional one-time-only payments. That's fine.

Automatic monthly, quarterly or annual support payments.

We really appreciate automatic payments. The more regular ongoing support we receive in that fashion the less we have to bug you on the air. Please consider choosing that option on the support form.

2016 increase in royalty rates.

The US Copyright Royalty Board recently steeply increased the amount we must pay for the use of recorded music. You can read more about that here. This makes support from listeners like you even more important than it already was.

Send support now via credit card or Paypal.

Safety & Security Concerns.

When sending & receiving your credit card information online we use the standard https protocol that all online commerce sites (Amazon, banks, brokerage houses, etc) use. We do not store your credit card number unless you ask us to save it to make automatic recurring payments.

If we do store credit card information at your request, it's stored by our online banking service rather than on our servers. Our banking service is held to a very high security standard, and has never been subject to a hack or data loss.

Privacy? Absolutely.

We do not ever, under any circumstances, share your email address or any other information about you with any third party — nor do we engage in any kind of email or direct-mail marketing. We will send occasional (1 or 2 times per year) newsletters to registered users, which you can opt out of if you wish by clicking "Your Settings".

Is RP support tax-deductible?

No. While we are completely commercial-free, we are not a non-profit entity — so payments to us are not tax-deductible.

Thank you very much for your support!

We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed so generously to the success of Radio Paradise. We quite literally couldn't do it without you.

— Bill & Rebecca